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Supporting Founders Transforming Health Care

My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing. – Proust

Recent Research

Creating World-Class Companies

One reason that Canadian companies fail to become world-class is that we aren’t starting the right types of companies. The world’s leading research-intensive companies operate in four major markets: life sciences, automotive, hardware and electronics, and software. And almost all of the leading companies in these fields serve either consumers or a combination of consumers and businesses.

But Canada is not known for its ability to create and grow companies that serve consumers. If we want to create world-class companies we need to create them in world-class markets and these are predominantly consumer markets.

Supporting Founders and Teams

We started in investing in big data and health care and are moving more now to the health care field. We want to invest in founders who are looking to change the health care landscape, ones with strong domain expertise and a passion for improving patients outcomes and lives. We’re looking for investments that are rooted in strong science, that have the potential to be world class technologies and that require assistance in commercialization.

You’re starting out on an exciting journey and we’re here to help. To grow, you’re going to need capital and that’s why we’re here. We’ll be the ones to take the first chance on you. We’ll take the big risk to back you when you’re small and stand by you as you grow.

Our Team

One thing that makes us different is that we have all been entrepreneurs too. We’ve founded companies, built markets, raised capital and successfully exited. We’ve walked a mile in your shoes and that gives us a unique perspective on what it takes to be successful as a technology entrepreneur.