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Supporting Founders and Teams

We started in investing in big data and health care and are moving more now to the health care field. We want to invest in founders who are looking to change the health care landscape, ones with strong domain expertise and a passion for improving patients outcomes and lives. We’re looking for investments that are rooted in strong science, that have the potential to be world class technologies and that require assistance in commercialization.

You’re starting out on an exciting journey and we’re here to help. To grow, you’re going to need capital and that’s why we’re here. We’ll be the ones to take the first chance on you. We’ll take the big risk to back you when you’re small and stand by you as you grow.

Karen Cross, MD, PhD, FRCSC

Founder – Mimosa

Curtis McBride

Founder – Miovision

Dr. James Wu

Co-Founder – Innerspace

Choong Ng

Founder –

Sally Daub

CEO – Enlitic

Your Name

Founder – The Next Big Thing

Quin Sandler

Founder – Plantiga

Noah Dolgoy

Founder – Tread